Koram 50′ Garden Drip Irrigation Kit Review – Amazing Starter or Expansion Kit

Product: Gardener’s Greenhouse Plant Cooling Suite Watering Drip Repair and Expansion Kit

Price: $ 21.99

Company: Koram

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

My Rating: # 9.3 out of 10


Koram Irrigation Kit, Product Overview

This irrigation kit is perfect for beginners looking to build their first irrigation system as well as experts looking to upgrade or expand pre-existing irrigation systems. Koram’s Kit comes with two different type of irrigation heads, splitters, plugs, and 100 feet of 1/4 inch tubing. While the instructions that come with this product are extremely lacking and confusing the kit it self is ideal.

Koram Setup Ex

The tubing is sturdy enough to withstand up to 50 pounds of pressure but also soft enough to be easily manipulated into any position you desire. The adjutable two types of adjustable head, mister and drip, can both be tightened down to completely shut of the valve.

Installing this system is extremely easy with the irrigation heads and couplings simply sliding into the tubing. The directions suggest dipping the tube in hot water to soften the tip before inserting the barbed couplings. This is a step that I did not originally head and as such i struggled with my first 3 connections. Once I heated the tube as suggested the connections became a breeze. I would like to add to their suggestion of using hot water suggesting you also use a rubberized glove to get a better grip on the wet rubber tubing as it can get slippery.

Once this irrigation system is installed I have found little to no maintenance requirement of the system. it is durable enough for regular use, and re-use. I have used the same system for 17 different harvests so far and have not seen and issues arise yet.


Product Details

  • Waters up to 40 plants
  • Up to 70 percent water savings compared to manual watering
  • Precise drip watering for green, healthy plant growth with low water usage
  • Expand and customize your drip watering system. Save up to 70% in water savings which calculates into money in your pocket

Package Contents: 

  • 1/4″ Blank distribution tubing (50-foot)
    • Versatile 1/4″ blank distribution tubing may be used as the main line in a small drip irrigation system or to branch off from 1/2″ tubing to individual watering devices and plants.
  • 1/4″Barbed tee (40pcs) 
    • Use to connect 2 sections of 1/4″ tubing in order to direct water to another location or connect 1/4″ tubing to a supply line. Exclusive double-barbed design allows use with higher water pressures up to 50 PSI.
  • 1/4″ Barbed couplings (10pcs) 
    • Quickly and easily connect two lengths of 1/4″ drip tubing (in a straight line) with this barbed coupling.
  • End Closure (20pcs) 
    • Use as an end closure for 1/4-Inch tubing or as a side plug for 3/8-Inch tubing.
  • 1/4″ Tubing Stakes (40pcs) 
    • Holds 1/4″ drip tubing securely in place.
  • Irrigation Drippers (40pcs) 
    • Water flow: 0-70L/H (8 holes sprinkler, adjustable and it can be close)
  • *3 x Faucet Connect Accessories
  • *1 x Tape


Final Thoughts

This kit is an amazing starter or expansion product. I have personally used this kit to lay irrigation lines into 3 outdoor gardens and 4 indoor container gardens. This kit is also easily modified to work with a gravity fed reservoir instead of an existing water pressure system. The adjustable drippers and sprayers allow you to adjust the amount of water each plant gets individually.

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  1. I was looking for a gardening kit these days just because of self interest and I have a dream to build my own growing kit one day.

    40 plants?? That’s huge!! And I’m sure it’s pretty efficient and I don’t even have to mention the water saving capacity. Thank you for your article!!

    • Hey Tyler,

      Yea the system has to capability to run 40 plants. However, it can also be used to create smaller scale systems as I am currently in the process of building a 12 head system with unique water flows for each head. The kit while having a large capability is actually shipped in a bag that is about the same size as a 1 gallon ziplock. 

      For the price and versatility this kit is by far my favorite.

      Happy Planting,


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