Hori Hori Gardening Tool Review – Durable, Versatile, and Necessary

Product: Hori Hori Garden Knife

Price: $ 19.85

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

My Rating: 10 out of 10


Hori Hori Gardening Tool, Product Overview

It is sometimes the simplest tool at hand that accomplishes the job in the easiest manner. That is the case with possibly my favorite gardening tool this multi use gardening knife. This full tang knife is the most versatile tool a small scale gardener could ask for. This double bladed knife has two different cutting edges. One side is a serrated blade for sawing  and cutting while the other side is a straight blade for more precision work like cutting clones.

Looking past the fact that this is a knife and it can cut things. The Hori Hori Knife has a curve to the blades flat surface makes it perfect for scoping or digging soil. This curve also adds strength to the blade so you can use it for light prying with edges, roots, and rocks. The knife also has etched in measurement marks that can be used to assits ing transplanting, planting, and up-potting. Finally, the sturdy construction lets you use the butt of the handle as a light impact tool(hammer).



Product Details

Garden Knife BannerHori Hori Knife Details


Final Thoughts

This is an absolute must have tool. The strong construction to the etched in measurements make this a must have multitool. Be it digging, weeding, planting, transplanting, trimming, or any other garden necessity the Hori Hori Garden Knife should be part of your EDC (every day carry). Because of its durability and versatility I give this tool a 10 out of 10.

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Atlas Tupper


  1. My brother purchased one of these for me a few years back and it has proven to be an excellent tool!

    Not only do I use it for gardening purposes but it’s also a significant upgrade to the plastic backpacking trowel that I had been using for outdoor trips.

    I’d certainly recommend this knife to anyone!

    • Hey Tucker, 

      So I’ve had this knife for years and in that same time span I have probably worn out or broken 4-6 camping and survival knives. I can not believe that i had never thought to use this as a backpacking tool as well as a garden tool. This simple crossover idea is gonna make a bunch of my hiking friends extremely happy. 

      Thanks for the suggestion/Idea,


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