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Product: GYO Herbs Seedsheet

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GYO Herbs Seedsheet, Product Overview

Seedsheet is a company that produces and sells companion plant seed starters, cloth pots, soil, and grow lights. When combined they create a pretty amazing super simple easy grow herbs set-up. The seedsheet company offers a number of different pre-made seed sheets for classic circular container gardening pots and large rectangular garden plots.

Herb Seed Sheet Day 1


The Grow Your Own Herbs Seedsheet is a circular sheet with 7 seed pods evenly spaced about the circumference of the sheet with one in the center. When placed into a fitting container all a person has to do is water regularly. The other gardening process such as germinating, planting, fertilizing, or weeding is already taken care of by the Seedsheet itself.


If you go the extra step and buy the whole kit including pot, soil, and lights the success of your container herb garden is pretty much guaranteed. I personally only purchased the Seedsheet itself because I prefer self-watering planters and I already have a number of grow lights of my own running. If you are completely new to gardening, as I suspect many of you are, you should consider buying the complete package as the lights can be used for future planting and the cloth pot and soil are of good quality and reasonably priced.



Product Details

The Herb Seedsheet fits a container with a minimum diameter of 12″. This gives about 2 inches of spaces between each grow pod. The grow pods are made up of a biodegradable film that dissolves when watered. Each pod contains a pouch of soil and a pouch of the specified seeds. The number of seeds per pod varies depending on the type of plant to be grown. When watered the pods dissolve leaving only the fertilizer soil and the seeds which will begin germinating no water that they have been exposed to water.

Seed Sheet Front

Seed Sheet Back

The sprouting process can take varying times for each different varietal of plant. On average the whole sheet should be actively growing after about 2 – 3 weeks. This time frame is just what I have experienced personally, however the temperature and humidity will effect these rates. The soil you use as a base for your seed sheet will also greatly effect the growth rates of your plants. I suggest using the FoxFarm organic potting soil as it has a great quality of nutrients bile minimizing the amount of inorganic chemicals you are adding to plants purposed for consumption.


The sheet it self acts as a weed deterrent which is extremely helpful if you plan on putting your container outside for the summer. The dense black material protects from weeds through a two part system. The layer helps to prevent foreign seeds from taking root in your garden by physically blocking any germinating seeds from reaching the soil needed to grow. The black week protector also stops other plants from sprouting in the designated gardening area by not only blocking them from receiving any light but again physically blocking their growth.



Final Thoughts

The seed sheet is a wonderful idea excellently exicuted. The simplicity of this product makes it an undenighably great buy for anyone wanting to start a container herb garden. From start to finish the process of growing my own little herb garden has been extreamly simple. The hardest part that I have experienced is actually keeping up with regular harvests to use the quantity of herbs being grown. I have taken to the practice of freezing certain herbs in cubes of oil for super simple seasoning and cooking. Depending on how regularly you plan on using your fresh herbs you may want to grow one  to two sheets at a time. For my purposes two sheets growing simultaneously has been too much and I am struggling to keep up with their production.


The GYO Herbs SeedSheet makes a perfect gift for anyone interested in gardening or cooking with fresh herbs. I’m currently in the process of picking out another seed sheet combo because I like this idea and product so much. It is by far one of the most fool proof gardening kits that are available for both small and large scale growing set-ups. They are also perfect for any level of gardener. If your looking for a no hassle mini container garden with lots of variety and very little upkeep then SeedSheets are your answer.


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Atlas Tupper

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